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Dimension Music

This is one of the most comprehensive MP3 sites on the Web. Featuring "news in the morning," there are also numerous other MP3 and midi music resources provided.

Check Sites every 30 minutes for Index has a simple, but effective means of dealing with the problem of sites that have shut down. It goes out and checks indexed sites every 30 minutes. If an MP3 site is down after five tries, it is removed from the index.

Enhance Music Searches

All Music has a pleasantly simple interface that lets you either search, or browse by artist, genre, or song title. It also shows its most popular searches.

MP3 Search Engine

Emp3finder allows you to search mp3s by artist or song title and it always returns working links (all links are verified). They also have fresh search results which helps if you want to find one of the newer songs.

Directory for Software and Hardware provides an extensive directory of links to download MP3 software, hardware, and other accessories.

A Player for MP3

Sonique is the Web's hottest media and MP3 player. Download it here for FREE!