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Recreation - Skiing

Grouse Mountain Resorts
Located twenty minutes north of Vancouver, British Columbia, on the North Shore, Grouse Mountain provides exciting challenges and opportunity for snow–sport enthusiasts of all skill levels. The most challenging area for skiers and boarders is the Peak; the snowboard park provides boarders with a mix of terrain, and cross-country skiers can enjoy machine-groomed trails on the mountain. For snowshoers, the Blue Grouse Loop provides groomed trails for all skill levels in the Munday Alpine Snow Park, and the Dam Mountain loop consists of four regularly-patrolled trails. Visitors can also enjoy the only mountain-top Ice Skating Pond on the West Coast, located near the Chalet and Skyride Station. Other exciting opportunities include helicopter rides with beautiful views of Canada's mountains and valleys, and skyrides on the continent's largest aerial tramway system.

Mount Baker Ski Area
Located forty miles east of Bellingham, Mount Baker is one of the most defining features of Whatcom County. It is the second-most active volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range and reaches nearly 11,000 feet in elevation. The Area, located in the Mount Baker/Snoqualmie National Park, registers more annual snowfall than any other place in North America, and is sometimes referred to as the “birthplace of snowboarding”, as it is host to the Annual Legendary Banked Slalom (the world's premier snowboarding competition). Another famous feature is the filming location of the classic movie “White Christmas” (though the lodge it was shot in unfortunately burned down). The new White Salmon Day Lodge provides food and beverage for skiers' refreshment. Ski passes at Mount Baker are among the cheapest in the nation, running from $18.50 – $30 for adults. Ski lifts run every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Whistler Blackcomb
The mountains of Whistler Blackcomb cover over 7000 miles of skiable terrain. The Nintendo Gamecube Parks and Pipes feature skiing and boarding opportunities for all ages and skill levels. The Terrain Garden is the easiest, designed for people just learning how to use park features. It contains mini–versions of rails, rollers and hits found in more challenging areas of the park which are ideal for rookies. The Chipmunk is designed for intermediate skiers and boarders, including more advanced rollers, rails, and jumps and a mini–snow cross track. The Snow Cross track features banked turns, rollers and jumps, and is a great place for intermediate to expert skiers to fine–tune their skills.The track may be periodically closed to the public for hosting events. The Highest Level track is for advanced and expert skiers and boarders only, and requires a separate pass, a waiver, and a helmet to ride. The Whistler Blackcomb resort area features a variety of accommodations including hotels, alpine chalets, inns, and condo rentals. The Whistler Village features excellent shopping, restaurants, and pubs for non–outdoor–related entertainment.