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Recreation - Kayaking

Whatcom County Parks & Recreation Outdoor Program
The Outdoor Program provides great opportunities for kayakers of all abilities. About half of all people who take these classes have never ridden a kayak before! The class cover basic kayaking techniques, safety and emergency procedures, and equipment maintenance, and experienced, knowledgeable instructors lead riders in an exciting exploration of the islands and coastlines of the Puget Sound and Canada. Make sure you sign up early for classes as the prices increase for late registration. Classes include Intro to Kayaking, Family Kayak Intro, Kayak Skill-Building Course, and Three-Day Kayak Adventure: Cypress Island.

Moondance Sea Kayaking Adventures
This establishment offers full- or half-day small group kayak tours, setting out from Bellingham or Orcas Island. There are tours for everyone from beginners to advanced kayakers, and kayaks, equipment and navigation devices are provided. Check out this fun and unique way to experience the San Juans and Canadian Gulf Islands!

Other Opportunities
Kayaking adventures for all skill levels and environments are available at a variety of places in Whatcom County. For calm, smooth riding, check out Drayton Harbor near Semiahmoo Spit or paddle out from Marine Park in Fairhaven. To experience some amazing geology and scenery, cruise around Larrabee State Park. You can also head out from Birch Bay State Park, Lake Padden Park, Samish Park, or Lakewood, which is owned and operated by Western Washington University and provides discounted rides and equipment to students. Wherever you venture, you are guaranteed to experience the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest, as well as wildlife like seals, gray whales, and orcas!