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Recreation - Hunting and Fishing

Possession Point Fishing Charters
Located in Arlington at the Port of Everett marina, Possession Point is the home of the Puget Sound's premier fishing guide, Captain Dave Morgison. Along with the other professional angling specialists, he will guide you to the finest King, Coho and silver salmon on your day-long expedition. Experience the best deep-sea, saltwater sports fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Sea Hawk Salmon Charters
Based out of Mount Vernon, this establishment allows you access to the highest-quality salmon fishing in the San Juan Islands. While fishing in the beautiful San Juans, you're sure to experience a variety of native wildlife, including harbor seals, diving birds, bald eagles, and magnificent Orca whales. Fishing is open most of the year except for December-February, and along with salmon you can catch halibut, cod and winter blackmouth. It's an experience you won't soon forget!

Hunting & Fishing Links
Special regulations apply to hunting and fishing in Whatcom County, so make sure you know the rules, and have a valid hunting and/or fishing license before you head out. The following links provide useful information to help you prepare for your next expedition.
Lakes & Creeks for fishing
The following lakes and creeks in Whatcom County provide fishing opportunities. Click Here for specific fish types found in each body of water.
  • Anderson Lake
  • Baker Lake
  • Canoe Lake
  • Diablo Lake
  • Fazon Lake
  • Fishtrap Creek
  • Fragrance Lake
  • Gorge Lake
  • Johnson Creek
  • Lost Lake
  • Mirror Lake
  • Lake Padden
  • Ross Lake
  • Lake Samish
  • Squalicum Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Lake Terrell
  • Toad Lake
  • Tomyhoi Lake
  • Watson Lake
  • Lake Whatcom
  • Whatcom Creek
  • Wiser Lake