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Recreation - Biking

Bellingham has been rated one of the top cycling communities in the nation, and it's easy to see why – mountain trails and parks abound, the climate is suitable all year, and Whatcom County cities and communities are pedestrian–friendly and in close proximity to one another. Many of the same trails used for hiking in Whatcom County can also be used for mountain biking. In addition, road biking is a popular way to commute around town – plus, it's a great way to get a workout, save money on gas and help our environment!

Trail Areas
There are many areas around Whatcom County where biking trails can be found. For a description of specific trails, click here. Some of the trail areas include:

Galbraith Trails
There are a seemingly endless number of trails in the Galbraith Mountain area. Trails are of varying intensity, ranging from relatively flat and easy to rough and difficult, with plenty of obstacles to provide a challenge.

Chuckanut Mountain Trails
There are also many trails on Chuckanut Mountain, though due to being a popular hiking destination, many of them are closed to bikers. It is a good place to ride in the winter, as many trails stay drier than their other Whatcom County counterparts. Featured trails include the Chuckanut Ridge Trail, which is a technical trail, and the Double Black Diamond, which is a technical steep downhill.

Bellingham Dirt Jump Park
Located next the Bellingham Skate Park, this park features jumps and stunts on which biking enthusiasts can fine-tune their skills. Built through community and volunteer work, the park is still undergoing some final construction, though it is now open to the public.

Bellingham Bike Shops
There are several local businesses in the area specializing in cycling merchandise and maintenance.

Clarks Cycle
Located on Home Road off of West Bakerview, Clarks Cycle carries many brands of bicycles and related products, including Norco, Freeagent, Ventana and Mountain Cycle. Their shop specializes in building Custom MTB Wheelsets using the highest quality materials.

Fairhaven Bike & Mountain Sports
This excellent local business, which recently moved to a brand-new location, has been providing quality merchandise and customer service since 1971. They carry a huge variety of brands, including Specialized, Cannondale, Lemond, and Dahon folding bikes. The store is famous for its repair shop, managed by industry professional Steve Farrell, and also features bike, ski and snowboarding equipment rental. In addition, the store sponsors regular group rides at no cost.

Kulshan Cycles
Located on N State Street in downtown Bellingham, Kulshan Cycles provides top-of-the-line merchandise, including comfort, mountain and road bikes. Featured brands include Trek, Klein, Rocky Mountain and Redline bicycles. The store is open 7 days a week and provides a bicycle shipping service.

Cycling Links
Check out these links for additional information about trails, races and other things cycling-related.

Bellingham Traverse
This annual Northwest challenge consists of a 6 mile run, 6 mile mountain bike trail, 16 mile road bike ride, 3 mile trail run, 6 mile paddle and _ mile trek! The journey is intended to simulate the salmon life cycle and the challenges that come with it.

City of Bellingham Parks & Recreation Trail Guide
The official parks and recreation site provides detailed descriptions of the many trails located in the Bellingham area.

Mount Baker Bicycle Club

This group sends out newsletters, promotes events and holds weekly meetings for cycling enthusiasts in Whatcom County.

The Whatcom Independent Mountain Pedalers (WHIMPs) are a local non-profit that works to preserve the Whatcom County trail system for bikers and have been promoting trail access since 1986.

WWU Cycling
The official Viking cycling team promotes professional and recreational cycling within the campus community.