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Whatcom County Colleges

Western Washington University
Home to nearly 12,000 students, WWU is Washington State's third largest university. The beautiful campus features excellent views of Bellingham Bay, gorgeous trees and greenery, and an outdoor sculpture collection. This highly acclaimed university offers students a variety of opportunities, including the Performing Arts Center Series, a great basketball team, the Viking Football team, and numerous clubs and activity centers.

Whatcom Community College
This excellent two-year institution offers many exciting programs, with degrees including Criminal Justice and Early Childhood Education. Whatcom is the fastest-growing community college in Washington State and is extremely accessible to students.

Bellingham Technical School
A great variety of programs are available to students at this extraordinary technical college, some of which include Welding Technology and Tourism. The school also offers an internship program with a superb job- placement record for students.

Northwest Indian College
As one of the fastest-growing Indian colleges in the nation, the Northwest Indian College is dedicated to promoting tribal awareness and educating students on the background and history of native peoples. A variety of courses are offered in Northwest Coastal Indian Studies.