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Whatcom County Public Schools

Bellingham School District
This nationally acclaimed District is well-known for its experienced and educated staff, as well as the academic accomplishments of its students. The Bellingham School District encompasses 10,200 students at thirteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools.

Blaine School District
Encompassing 1900 students in four schools, the Blaine School District is excellent in preparing students for future studies and employment in society. The District contains Blaine Primary (K-3), Blaine Elementary (3- 5), Blaine Middle School (6-8) and Blaine High School (grades 9-12).

Ferndale School District
As the second-largest district in Whatcom County, the Ferndale School District consists of 5100 students at seven elementary schools, two middle school, and one high school (with plans for a second). This District meets a variety of student needs and activities, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes, a theatre program, an excellent band and orchestra, and sports programs.

Lynden School District
The Lynden School District offers a unique learning environment, known for its small class sizes and excellent staff. It includes 2350 students at five schools – Fisher Primary, Isom Intermediate, Lynden Middle School and Lynden High.

Meridian School District
The Meridian School District is a community–oriented environment, known for its quality student-teacher relationships. It is also an excellent place for students with disabilities and educational difficulties. The District consists of 1500 students at four schools.

Mount Baker School District
The Mount Baker community is very supportive of school activities – the entire town has been known to attend school-related events! The District is the home of 2300 students at five schools, and the middle and high schools share the same campus.

Nooksack Valley School District
The Nooksack Valley School District provides students with an academically stimulating curriculum, geared towards further learning in higher education. It is attended by 1850 students at two primary schools, one junior and one senior high school.