SERIOUS KAPACITY + Marketing phenom Kaysie Berry goes for broke-r! 

by Tara Gilligan Reimer

BELLINGHAM, WA—June 23, 2022 

Kaysie Berry created the first real estate TikTok spool of Sudden Valley, capturing the allure of lodge-style homes between mountains and lake.

Need a stylized pop-by gift, to stay top-of-mind with your client? She always delivers. (One favorite: a picnic-pack of condiments—including mustard and mayo—with the fun pitch of “relishing” to “ketchup” on your property value!) 

On the home front, she and her husband along with their three children recently built a chicken coop, using only old material salvaged from their newly purchased farm. (Follow along her homestead journey on Instagram.)

Yes, she is…

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