By guest writer, Maria Cannon,

When the weather starts to warm up, it is only natural to want to spend as much time outdoors as you can. From playing your favorite sports to getting out in nature, there are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful days of spring and summer. A favorite way to spend time outside is by relaxing on your porch or patio. However, if you haven’t updated your exterior furniture and decor lately, your outdoor space may need some work.

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The real estate experts at RE/MAX Whatcom County share their top recommendations for creating an outdoor oasis at home on a budget.

Add shade to your porch or patio

In warmer climates, the sun can quickly make your porch or patio feel like a sauna.…

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by Tara Gilligan Reimer


There's the name: Wilhelmina. Distinctly European.

There’s the childhood: born and raised in Bellingham.

There's the career: modeling 10 years in New York City.


Short story

The short story is: she's come home to us.

Wilhelmina Hardisty lived the NYC bestseller life in her twenties, and she's launching her early thirties in her hometown of Bellingham. Having earned a bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and still modeling, she loves the feeling of home and helping others find theirs. She interviewed at almost all the brokerages in our emergent Pacific Northwest market and chose "the house that Lori built," known as RE/MAX Whatcom County. (Chief…

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All County Team man, in business and heart

by Tara Gilligan Reimer


True story. A guy works in a smelter (aluminum manufacturer) for 18 years, gets recruited to real estate by a chance fill-in at a clinch bowling league match (Mark Frye seems to turn up at exactly the right time), and completes a rookie year by putting together 50 contracts.

You know where the story is going.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lori Reece recently named Brian Hefter RE/MAX Whatcom County’s 2021 Rookie of the Year, praising his hustle and continuous learning.

It’s where the story started that’s surprising.


A good son

“My dad made me get my first job when I was 14, to earn extra money,” Brian says. At 23,…

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 by Tara Gilligan Reimer


In horseracing, a trifecta is laying down a premium bet: a rare combination—picking the winner, runner-up, and third place.

Managing broker Mark Frye just closed on a long-awaited wager.

The Loyalist, Justin Kirby, recently joined Coherence (Frye) and his Rookie of the Year (Brian Hefter), harnessing more power for the RE/MAX All County Team ( 

Only weeks ago, in entering the global RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Mark reflected on needing a third person ( But he didn’t want just any candidate—“a warm body”—who might upset his thoughtfully constructed coherence in…

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Vegas diaries: on the way to R4!


On the RE/MAX Whatcom County leadership crew, he’s a go-to point-person. Every day of the week.

Got a computer virus? Text Michael Shkurat.

Need to boost your customer relationship management systems? Call Michael.

Deleted your email in-box? (It’s happened.) Email Michael (with humility, from your Outlook trash can).

His expertise is not only his ability to address all things tech. His appeal is also in his exceedingly patient (and inscrutable) responses. No matter how badly you’ve tangled your software and hardware, Michael, Chief Marketing Officer & Director of IT, often responds, “Oh, I see!” As if he can see exactly how you got yourself into your mess. No matter the…

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Editor’s Note: Are you a landlord with tenants who are handy do-it-yourselfers and could upgrade your property? Or, are you renting (and hoping to buy your first home with RE/MAX)? Read about these fun ideas, to make a rental homey and bright, in this coming springtime season!

By guest writer, Maria Cannon,

Decorating your rental property is a great way to add value to your living space, create a more luxurious feel, and make it easier to relax. Your landlord may be willing to work with you to allow some changes. Here are nine simple things you can do to freshen up your rented space to make you feel more at home.

Use soothing neutrals, pops of color, and plants to make your rental homey.

1. Pay Attention to Color

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by Tara Gilligan Reimer

In the middle of an unusually bountiful Pacific Northwest winter, Nina Denson is looking out her kitchen window, not at the layers of snow covering her five-acre country expanse in Custer, but at a flowering tree in brilliant bloom, in January.

“My witch hazel doesn’t have the lemon-yellow flowers or the fiery-red ones,” she explains of the tree’s explosion of delicate fireworks in the made-for seasonal backdrop of our Big Cold Dark. “Mine throws off apricot bursts.” The hue’s unexpected warmth, unfurled in confidence, captures Nina (pronounced “nine-uh”) and her proficiency in real estate with RE/MAX Whatcom County.


Nina Denson

She recently won the global RE/MAX Hall of Fame award, because of her ability to…

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by Tara Gilligan Reimer

In real time, Briddick Webb is hiking. And snowboarding. And mountain-biking.

Online, Briddick is educating, telling us about the real estate market, using a discarded pizza box in the RE/MAX parking lot or pulling out a scroll in the library.

Daily, Briddick is meditating, doing breathwork, and hitting the dry sauna.

 Briddick earns RE/MAX Lifetime  Achievement award.

Most of all, Briddick is not selling real estate in the traditional way--as much as creating a warm and engaging (and even vulnerable) space, to invite you into relationship. If that relationship leads to a pending, mutual acceptance between seller and buyer with acceptance fittingly being Briddick’s self-described work high, he has done his job.…

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BELLINGHAM, WA, December 14, 2021 – 

Coherence. This is Mark Frye’s commodity, and it runs through everything he does.

Whether he’s describing his business value proposition or talking about his family, writing a contract or analyzing market share, Mark presents coherence.


$1M in commissions in six years

And, out of that coherence—in his work systems and relationships, in his big picture and attention to detail—Mark recently earned a meaningful award. For making (his first) $1 million in commissions, he entered the global RE/MAX Hall of Fame. He earned this distinction in just six years as a broker.

RE/MAX Whatcom County CFO Lisa Carlson said, “We’re thrilled to celebrate Mark’s award, which is so well-deserved.”


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BELLINGHAM, WA, November 19, 2021 – 

What is the perfect career step for someone who has owned a professional cleaning service, worked in commercial banking, and gained an exceptional reputation for staging hard-to-sell homes? Becoming a broker, of course.

Even better? Taysia Seiler (pronounced sy-ler) is joining a RE/MAX Whatcom County team she admires.

“Sommer Cronck listed our Sudden Valley home, and Amy Bowhay helped us find our current one in Bow,” Taysia said. Of course, she’s talking about wrap-around expertise and ingenuity, signatures of The Best Bellingham Homes Team (

“Buyer specialist, Amy Bowhay, showed me a lot of homes, just as the pandemic was starting,” Taysia described. “And Amy found us an…

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