Tessa Jarvis, Broker

Tessa uses her personal real estate investing experience to show her clients how to maximize the full potential of their home whether they are buying, selling, or both!

There is always a difference – sometimes a BIG difference! – between what a house is and what a house can be. When it comes time for you to buy or sell your next house, it can be a huge advantage to work with a REALTOR® who understands those differences and can walk you through them. That is what makes Tessa different from most other REALTOR® out there. She has spent several years purchasing and renovating her own investment properties, and in doing so, she quickly realized the knowledge she gained there translates into helping her buyers and sellers make smarter choices. When you’re selling, Tessa will show you the options you have for maximizing the eventual sale price – anything from small changes to large remodels can have a huge impact on your final return. When Tessa is helping her buyers, sometimes it can be hard to find the home that is already perfect, (AND actually for sale!). Knowing early on if you can make it perfect for you (and how much it will cost to do so) allows you to more quickly decide if a given home is the right one for you to pursue. In both instances, it is all about getting her clients a greater value than what initially meets the eye in a way that other agents can’t!

One of the first investment properties that Tessa & her husband purchased was a rental property that already had renters living there. But when unforeseen circumstances forced that family to move out, they realized they were left with a property that was not going to easily attract new tenants. On a shoestring budget they were able to renovate the place and create a home that others wanted to live in, and they've had several other instances where smart changes have produced great returns. That is the knowledge and experience that Tessa brings to you when you’re buying and selling. Let’s get you more money for your house now, which gives you more money to put into your next home later! She has been there and done that before, and now she wants to do it for you!

Office Location: 913 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham
Office Phone Number: 3607077079

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